An extraordinary destination, the best music and the warmest people in the country. That's Cali!

The city of Cali has a warm and cool climate, which revolves around 29ºC. This is the capital of Valle del Cauca, being the third largest city in Colombia and standing out as one of the most commercial, industrial and agricultural places in the country. A city where historical sites, beautiful women and their daytime and nighttime tourist activity qualify it as one of the best cities in tourism.

The Hotel Casa Vallecaucana has a great identity with the city of Cali and mainly identified with the department, since it carries out a brilliant theme in front of the different municipalities and cities with which this Department consists, in representation of the sense of belonging of the Vallecaucanos

Santiago de Cali is distinguished as the capital of the “rumba”, joy and nightlife. The great importance that rhythms and dance have in Cali has earned this city to stand out and stand out as the “world capital of salsa”, with a contagious rhythm that is danced in a particular way. The salsa offered by the city is one of the most outstanding in the world, offering infallible shows such as “Delirio”, in which through artistic presentations all the steps of the salsa and its infinite limits are presented to represent by means of of the physical language the greatest historical beauties of Cali, without leaving aside the traditional zones of the rumba caleña.

Salsa is the identity of this city compared to others, and in this way, energizing it as a culturally enriching and diverse point, which are the vitality of its days.

As a cultural destination, Cali occupies a prominent place. International dance and music festivals of Salsa and Afro of the Colombian Pacific, make this city a unique place to visit. And how to forget the Cali Fair, which takes place in December of every year. This is one of the most traditional and important of the country and the continent, because during the 25 and 30 of this month events such as reigns of beauty, bullfights, parades are developed
fashionable and, obviously, salsa festivals. It has a reputation that transcends national borders.

The capital of the Valley enjoys enriching tourist sites such as the Cerro de las Tres Cruces, which has three majestic crosses; the Cristo Rey monument, which has blessed millions of national and international tourists; and the San Antonio chapel, which is located in the oldest part of the city. Also, we have museums such as the Tertulia Museum, the Sugar Cane Museum and the Gold Museum.

The Branch of the sky has a very varied gastronomy in which you can experience infinities of textures, flavors where Regional Typical Cuisine is also predominant, of the National and International. Typical dishes such as sancocho de gallina, pandebonos, arroz atollado, aborrajados, empanada and marranitas stand out. Also, it has typical drinks such as lulada, shampoos and choladas.


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