Hotel Casa Vallecaucana

We provide all our visitors with adequate facilities for your visit, additional you can count on different services that will make your stay a unique experience


The Casa Vallecaucana Hotel offers the special transportation service between the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport and our Hotel. Travel quietly!

Aeropuerto - Hotel - Aeropuerto

The tracking and measurement of all routes with satellite tracking system and 24/7 monitoring allow us to generate and support a HIGH DEGREE of trust for you and your family.

Schedules and information

  • Services: Transportation Hotel-Aeropuerto-Hotel
  • Reservation: Yes
  • Location: Hotel Lobby
  • Availability: Every day of the week
  • Hours: 24hr
  • Conditions: The reservation of the service must be made, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Contact: For more information, schedules and use of the transport service write to

Comfortable and safe travels

Schedule your vacations, your family tours, visits to places of interest or social gatherings.


  • We have as a strategic ally a recognized SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION company that facilitates through its line of TRANSPORTATION services a pleasant and safe trip to all local or inter-municipal destinations with the QUALITY, SECURITY, AND TRUST, of 22 YEARS OF SERVICES fulfilling with high standards and protocols for the provision of our services.
  • Plan your tours within Cali and / or in the Valle del Cauca.
  • The tracking and measurement of all routes with satellite tracking system and 24/7 monitoring allow us to generate and support a HIGH DEGREE of confidence to leave our FAMILY in our hands. The SPECIAL TRANSPORT company meets all the operating requirements as a transporter enabled in national operation by the MINTRANSPORTE.

Parking Service

Your Automotive in the safety of our facilities.


  • The parking service seeks excellence in the provision of parking service and safety of motor vehicles, in order to contribute to the comfort and satisfaction of our guests. We have people dedicated to supervision and a closed television circuit for the safety of your vehicle.
  • Services: Parking
  • Reservation: Yes
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Conditions: The reservation of the service must be made (Subject to availability)
  • Contact: For more information, schedules and use of the parking service
    contact us at (032) 387 6870 or al 310 449 6448

High Speed Connection

Internet with Quality and Security in all our facilities.


We offer high speed WiFi internet service to all our guests.

  • We have the highest standards of quality and safety, with
    international characteristics, guaranteed 2 to 1 symmetric speeds, low
    latency and stability.
  • We have TOTAL coverage in the hotel (rooms and common areas).


Cali, Sucursal del Cielo y Capital de la Salsa

Cali, Branch of the Sky and Capital of the Salsa

Classes of Salsa, Tango or Rhythm that you like

Cali is the world capital of salsa and therefore we designed a program to be part of it through a salsa experience. You will live a real rapprochement with our culture, infecting yourself with joy and permeating our taste.

  • GROUP LESSONS: We offer the opportunity to learn one or more beats, you can combine your salsa and Latin, Zumba Fitness, Tango or rhythm you want. It is an excellent alternative for those who like to learn in company. Are you ready to enjoy the best Latin rhythms?
  • PERSONALIZED CLASSES: Choose the rhythm you want. Here you can learn to dance and perfect your steps in an exclusive and detailed way. Choose the time and rhythms you want.
  • SALSERA EXPERIENCE: HEAR, LOOK AND DANCE: this experience begins with a welcome by our renowned dancers of Salsa, who will make his debut at 2 meters away, his great show consists of 3 songs and will have a special class to take home the most representative steps of our Salsa Caleña.

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