This is the basis of our strategic thinking, the common perspective towards the future that we want to build for our organization. Each link in the chain that makes up our service entails a series of unavoidable and, above all, tangible commitments, with quality, the satisfaction of our customers and respect for our social and environmental environment.


We are a family company committed to the satisfaction of our customers, offering a unique experience, full of values of identity and pride for the Valle del Cauca region, being then a hotel whose commitment is in respect to society through personalized attention and human quality, and outstandingly a commitment to the environment through advanced technology. We contribute to the economic and tourist development of the Region through our commitment to excellence and innovation, generating continuous and sustainable growth year after year.


To be recognized for the year 2019 as a leading organization in the hotel business for the quality of our service and guidance to meet the needs and expectations of our guests, always under strict criteria of Vallecaucana identity, transparency, environmental protection Environment and social commitment, taking into account sustainable development through environmental processes, ensuring job security for our employees, generating employment in the region and maintaining high standards of quality in the provision of the service.


Counting with highly qualified personnel we offer kindness, personalized attention, identity with the region and culture, interacting with our guests, clients and suppliers.

We provide transparency under the fulfillment of principles and values, counting on processes documented under cultural, labor and environmental laws and regulations.

We want to be identified by a high excellence in the provision of our services, by the neatness and order of our facilities, also making known our region of Valle del Cauca using decoration alluding to the customs, cities and festivities of the region.

Courtesy and respect for customers are part of the values and principles to which officials should be welcome, as these are the image of the company providing a service available to hotel guests and visitors.

We make responsible decisions and assume their consequences.
We comply with the commitments made. We have high technology that additionally generates environmental responsibility. We take as our responsibility the promotion and care of our Valle del Cauca and therefore our theme and decoration is allusive to our region.

The human quality and efficiency of the staff makes Hotel Casa Vallecaucana a pleasant, happy and reliable place that makes our guests feel at home and identified with our region.

We offer our customers a service with attitude, supported by highly qualified human talent seeking excellence in all our processes, with the highest quality standards within an excellent infrastructure composed of a high technology with smart air conditioners friendly to the environment, high-tech recirculation water heaters guaranteeing hot water in just 5 seconds, high speed internet and coverage that guarantees to feel like abroad without interruptions. Televisions with more than 100 channels even in HD giving an experience of being at home. Digital security boxes that guarantee the protection of your belongings and a surveillance and security system guaranteeing the best hosting experience.

Each of the staff of Hotel Casa Vallecaucana, has an internal regulation, which involves our values and principles, identifying with the mission and vision of it, with a sense of belonging.

In principle, we keep our facilities impeccably clean and pleasant for visitors. This means that we comply with the requirements of our guests and entities that monitor our performance in these matters.


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