Hotel Casa Vallecaucana: The Second Best Hotel in Cali

The Hotel Casa Vallecaucana (HCV) inaugurated a year and a half ago, with a thematic concept where the tourist attractions of the region are projected and traditional spaces of municipalities that are part of this region are rescued.
Since its opening, the hotel has done an intense job through different technological applications such as Tripadvisor. The latter is a platform that classifies hotels around the world, in Cali for January 15, 2019 HCV positioned itself as the first boutique hotel and third best qualified hotel in this application among 104 hotels in the city. The quality of its service has made both domestic and foreign guests feel at home, finding comfort and warmth.
Hotel Casa Vallecaucana continues working to show the characteristic beauty of the department, being an option that is distinguished by its hospitality, excellent service and an authentic and different alternative of lodging.

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