Valle del Cauca

Cauca’s Valley

The Valle del Cauca has religious places that can be enjoyed at any time of the year, such as visits to the Basilica of the Lord of Miracles in Buga; The sanctuary of the Divine Ecce Homo, in Bolívar; the processions of the enterprise on Holy Thursday, in Calima Darién, El Dovio and Andalucía; the Viacrucis live in the municipalities of La Unión, El Cerrito, Buga, Versalles and Seville.

According to the WHO, the department of Valle del Cauca enjoys the best air quality thanks to its geography location, due to the winds coming from the Farallones, which take with them the pollution generated in the cities belonging to the department.

Likewise, there is an excellent opportunity to get to know Lake Calima, a destination recognized as one of the largest reservoirs in the Americas, characterized by water sports that can be developed in it and, in addition, tranquility is breathed throughout the reservoir.
Buga, recognized as “the city lady” for its recognition nationally as the most religious municipality; the Caña Museum, where the main production of the department of Valle del Cauca, sugarcane, is explained.

The Valle del Cauca has a great variety of typical gastronomy that differentiates it from other departments: the sancocho de Rozo and Ginebra, the Festival of Antojos in Bolívar, the trabuco de Toro, the shampoos, the chontaduro, among other delights by means of which experience different flavors and textures.

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